Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Assembly Reps Rally to Save Lobbyists' Rights

The unedited first draft of the letter sent from WI GOP Assembly Reps to the DOA concerning new Capitol rules for free speech.

December 16, 2011

The Honorable Contemptible Mike Huebsch
Secretary Former ALEC State Chair
Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Department of Administration
P.O. Box 7864
Madison Ayn Rand, WI FW  53707

Dear Secretary Former ALEC State Chair Huebsch,
We are writing to ask threaten the Department of Administration (DOA) to enforce the Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan State Facilities Access Policy, effective December 1, 2011. For a number of months now, law abiding groups school choirs (not Governor Walker’s Very Large Conifer ceremony) have been going through the appropriate rarely used permitting process to meet at the Capitol, while other groups violent communistic out-of-state union thugs have consistently ignored those rules – without consequence. By not enforcing the policies of  beating these unionistas at the Capitol, the DOA and the leadership of the Capitol Police (fire Tubbs) are creating a double standard against those groups school choirs and lobbyists that are going through all the steps necessary to follow the laws and policies governing our Capitol that your Koch-inspired legal team creates on a whim. This is unacceptable that citizens believe that the former state of Wisconsin Constitution, and US Constitutional rights, apply to their political beliefs.

While we are pleased can hardly wait to see the Administration making positive steps  use SWAT teams and The Fitzwalkerstan Guard  toward upholding the rule of law dictatorial fiat, it is imperative (or watch us really whine) that the DOA hold all Capitol visitors to these rules - or else beat them to a bloody pulp. The circus-like environment created at times by several of these groups Walker dropping a bomb, Justice Prosser choking a fellow justice, and a DOA employee assaulting a Capitol visitor, is an affront to the dignity of the people WMC and other lobbyists of the State of Wisconsin Fitwalkerstan, which the Capitol represents and to whom it belongs.  Groups Socialist   moochers refusing to abide by the rules dictatorial fiat are not entitled to special any “free speech rights” not afforded to other individuals or groups.
A Kleefisch affair

This is most certainly a matter of the stifling of free speech, the democratic fascistic process and our republican corporate form of government. As state legislators, we are duly elected officials of Diebold Inc. and of our respective corporate lobbyist constituencies, elected to represent the individual and collective voices of our lobbyist constituents in the Capitol. While we all agree the Capitol functions as a public lobbying  forum for debate ALEC legislation and free paid speech, we also recognize that this building is a place of business – the people’s  lobbyists business. Constant audible disruptions (Robin Vos and Glenn Grothman) at all hours of the working day both inside and outside the Capitol are an impediment to us as legislators (Joel Kleefisch) conducting affairs on behalf of our constituents. Further, the intimidation free speech tactics employed by several of these groups Democrats, and other left-leaning radicals, not only on legislators, but on our constituents and even school groups is unacceptable.

Our constituents should not be dissuaded from tempted to visiting their Capitol over the lunch hour –  every day – knowing that they will not never have an opportunity to visit our great rotunda and important legislative offices without filled with the loud bellowing of unpermitted demonstrators. unrepentant lobbyists. These practices are not permitted at the U.S. Capitol or the U.S. Supreme Court and our uninformed legal opinions about those two US government structures, which offer zero legal precedent for the Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Capitol, should not be permitted here.

Every group, except for lobbyists who fill our campaign chests, and provide us with expensive escorts at ALEC conventions, must be held to the same standard and required to respect the rule of law in order to uphold the safety of stifle the political speech of Capitol visitors, and protect constituents lobbyists, staff and members of the legislature from encountering dissent.

We all agree, most adamantly, that the constitutional right to political speech should be one of the most protected forms of speech, as long as we agree with the message. However, no one opinion, except ours, takes precedence over another - and the liberties lobbyists  of all who visit the Capitol must be respected. The Wisconsin  Fitzwalkerstan State Facilities Access Policy not only enables and protects a forum for free paid speech but includes allows for a very lenient “spontaneous event” domestic spying policy that goes even further to ensure that political speech is protected stifled. We salute the Administration for finally addressing this issue and we look forward to the policy’s uniform selective and robust violent enforcement .


The GOP Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Assembly Representatives

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