Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Junkies Lament - A Common Disaster

The American electorate has been force-fed a lobotomizing opiate by its ruling political parties. The drug, a seemingly innocent message, administered repeatedly until independent thought beyond proscribed parameters is not tolerated:

A vote outside the two-party structure is wasted.
The addict recoils when they are told that their diseased mind survives based solely on a narcotic vision, and that the same distorted perceptions that prop them up will blind them to the tools necessary for their continued survival.
“Everything is fine,” the junky says. “Just going through a few tough spots. Got it all under control.”
Really? Then since everything is solid in your world, you won’t mind if I share somevisions” from outside the cocoon of your Democratic Party?

“A candle burning for everything I ever wanted”
Sgt. Joe Altmann
Sergeant Joe Altmann of Marshfield, WI was killed in Afghanistan on Christmas Day.  The Army medic, who was on his first tour in Afghanistan after having served two tours in Iraq, had turned 27 only ten days earlier, and was married ten months ago.  His mother, Janice Altmann, said the family was “devastated”.

Altmann is the tenth Wisconsin resident to die while serving in Afghanistan in 2011, the tenth anniversary of the war.

“A tattoo burned for everything I've ever wanted and lost”

Should a free trade pact be signed with Korea, “which will destroy 159,000 U.S. jobs,” asked AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka - or with Colombia, “where 51 trade unionists were assassinated last year,” and with Panama, “a country that routinely tramples workers’ rights and shelters money launderers and corporate tax dodgers?”

President Obama signed the free trade deals, first negotiated under George Bush, in October.  Obama, who had highlighted free trade risks to the environment and worker’s rights during his 2008 campaign, chose to disregard those concerns in 2011. 

“I had a long list of names that I kept in my back pocket”
Larry Summers, the misogynistic former Harvard University President, is one of many Wall Street economic advisors that Obama has relied upon to right the American economy. Summers, an avowed acolyte of libertarian economist Milton Friedman, destroyed efforts to regulate derivatives as a member of the Clinton administration. These unregulated casino-style financial instruments ultimately fueled the 2008 destruction of the US economy.  

Timothy Geithner, Obama’s tax evading Treasury Secretary, used his previous position on the New York Federal Reserve to guarantee banks receive face value for derivatives contracts that were worth substantially less - all on the taxpayer’s dime, utilizing federally funded TARP money. 
William Daley, a politically connected financier, was delivered from JP Morgan Chase Bank to the Obama administration in 2011, as its newest Chief of Staff. Was it merely coincidence that an executive from America’s largest bank was selected to run Obama’s White House the year before the 2012 election?

Consider this: in 2008 Barack Obama raised more campaign funds from the finance, insurance and real estate sectors than any previous presidential candidate. Yes, that includes George W multi-millionaires-are-“my base” Bush.

"But I've cut it down to one and your name's at the top”

The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan has tripled in the less than three years that Obama has led the war – a conflict begun by George Bush ten years ago. The number of Afghan civilian casualties has risen by 19 percent under Obama’s leadership.

Obama’s secret “drone wars” have killed as many as 2,250 people in Pakistan alone, and scores more in Yeman and Somalia.
Obama job czar, GE CEO Jeff Immelt, announced in July that GE Healthcare headquarters would move from Waukesha, WI to China as part of its plan to invest $2 Billion dollars in China.   

Not to worry too much about the happily-ever-after”

Wisconsin progressives, union members, and freedom of assembly activists learned, in the cold Wisconsin winter, that Obama’s campaign rhetoric is forgotten when they most need his help.

"If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House, I will put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I'll walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States of America. Because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner."
When Obama was unable to find his comfy shoes, or the 100,000 plus Wisconsin workers and families rallying for their rights on the Capitol Square, he showed that he stood with corporate supporters of a Governor who bragged that he "dropped a bomb" on Wisconsin.

“Just keep the Caddy moving 'til we're well beyond that hill”
Obama understands dropping bombs on civilians. His Central Intelligence Agency drops them abroad – and his Wall Street backed policies drop them just as assuredly as does Scott Walker, within our domestic borders: on working families, on union members, and on civil libertarians.  

“Won't you share a common disaster?”
Obama backers tell leftists who don’t rally around the President, that support for a third party that takes into account workers, the environment, and peace, will weaken the Democratic Party and send the country careening to the right.

These arguments sound like those from another junky, Amy Winehouse, which she made for not going to rehab. Her drug and alcohol addled mind made her hang on to what she had, including her thinking, as diseased as it was, no matter the consequences to her health.
Maybe Amy Winehouse never had a chance with her disease.     

We should not subject any more Joe Altmann’s to ours.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Assembly Reps Rally to Save Lobbyists' Rights

The unedited first draft of the letter sent from WI GOP Assembly Reps to the DOA concerning new Capitol rules for free speech.

December 16, 2011

The Honorable Contemptible Mike Huebsch
Secretary Former ALEC State Chair
Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Department of Administration
P.O. Box 7864
Madison Ayn Rand, WI FW  53707

Dear Secretary Former ALEC State Chair Huebsch,
We are writing to ask threaten the Department of Administration (DOA) to enforce the Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan State Facilities Access Policy, effective December 1, 2011. For a number of months now, law abiding groups school choirs (not Governor Walker’s Very Large Conifer ceremony) have been going through the appropriate rarely used permitting process to meet at the Capitol, while other groups violent communistic out-of-state union thugs have consistently ignored those rules – without consequence. By not enforcing the policies of  beating these unionistas at the Capitol, the DOA and the leadership of the Capitol Police (fire Tubbs) are creating a double standard against those groups school choirs and lobbyists that are going through all the steps necessary to follow the laws and policies governing our Capitol that your Koch-inspired legal team creates on a whim. This is unacceptable that citizens believe that the former state of Wisconsin Constitution, and US Constitutional rights, apply to their political beliefs.

While we are pleased can hardly wait to see the Administration making positive steps  use SWAT teams and The Fitzwalkerstan Guard  toward upholding the rule of law dictatorial fiat, it is imperative (or watch us really whine) that the DOA hold all Capitol visitors to these rules - or else beat them to a bloody pulp. The circus-like environment created at times by several of these groups Walker dropping a bomb, Justice Prosser choking a fellow justice, and a DOA employee assaulting a Capitol visitor, is an affront to the dignity of the people WMC and other lobbyists of the State of Wisconsin Fitwalkerstan, which the Capitol represents and to whom it belongs.  Groups Socialist   moochers refusing to abide by the rules dictatorial fiat are not entitled to special any “free speech rights” not afforded to other individuals or groups.
A Kleefisch affair

This is most certainly a matter of the stifling of free speech, the democratic fascistic process and our republican corporate form of government. As state legislators, we are duly elected officials of Diebold Inc. and of our respective corporate lobbyist constituencies, elected to represent the individual and collective voices of our lobbyist constituents in the Capitol. While we all agree the Capitol functions as a public lobbying  forum for debate ALEC legislation and free paid speech, we also recognize that this building is a place of business – the people’s  lobbyists business. Constant audible disruptions (Robin Vos and Glenn Grothman) at all hours of the working day both inside and outside the Capitol are an impediment to us as legislators (Joel Kleefisch) conducting affairs on behalf of our constituents. Further, the intimidation free speech tactics employed by several of these groups Democrats, and other left-leaning radicals, not only on legislators, but on our constituents and even school groups is unacceptable.

Our constituents should not be dissuaded from tempted to visiting their Capitol over the lunch hour –  every day – knowing that they will not never have an opportunity to visit our great rotunda and important legislative offices without filled with the loud bellowing of unpermitted demonstrators. unrepentant lobbyists. These practices are not permitted at the U.S. Capitol or the U.S. Supreme Court and our uninformed legal opinions about those two US government structures, which offer zero legal precedent for the Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Capitol, should not be permitted here.

Every group, except for lobbyists who fill our campaign chests, and provide us with expensive escorts at ALEC conventions, must be held to the same standard and required to respect the rule of law in order to uphold the safety of stifle the political speech of Capitol visitors, and protect constituents lobbyists, staff and members of the legislature from encountering dissent.

We all agree, most adamantly, that the constitutional right to political speech should be one of the most protected forms of speech, as long as we agree with the message. However, no one opinion, except ours, takes precedence over another - and the liberties lobbyists  of all who visit the Capitol must be respected. The Wisconsin  Fitzwalkerstan State Facilities Access Policy not only enables and protects a forum for free paid speech but includes allows for a very lenient “spontaneous event” domestic spying policy that goes even further to ensure that political speech is protected stifled. We salute the Administration for finally addressing this issue and we look forward to the policy’s uniform selective and robust violent enforcement .


The GOP Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Assembly Representatives

Monday, December 19, 2011

Walker's DOA Threatens Clampdown - Singers Sing and Hold Signs!

It is not news to the anti-Walker denizens of the Wisconsin Capitol that the Governor's Department of Administration was antagonistic to free speech advocates long before the December release of the new Capitol rules.

In March, after the Capitol occupation had ended, and the large rallies had ceased, a handful of free speech advocates challenged the Department of Administration's rules.

The photo below shows that Walker's DOA had not yet thought to use re-education camps to communicate their unique interpretation of the Constitution. 

No legal or creative talent in the DOA        photo - L. Wells

Jeremy Ryan decides to take on the DOA.
Jim sings and Segway Jeremy shows the world the DOA top dog's cell phone number         photo - L. Wells

Jeremy, Joseph, and Jayson (guess your name had to start with the letter "J") were each cited and arrested for their radical free speech activities. 
Joseph and Jason get dangerous with MASSIVE signs        photo - L. Wells

On Sunday, March 27, Dane County Supervisor Melissa Sargent was arrested when her sons held a sign in the Rotunda.

A call went out to have people flood the Rotunda during a Solidarity Sing Along  - in support of free speech rights. Special t-shirts were made.

The picture below shows the HUGE reponse to the concerns about the quelling of free speech.

Rise Up      photo - ?

Jason decided it was time to make some large banners.

The first thing I ever heard from Jason - "You want to help hold a banner?"      photo - L. Wells

Eight months later... Walker's desperation grows... and the determination of free speech patriots multiplies!

SING!         photo - L. Wells

SPEAK UP!     photo J. Vittie

Karl Rove Acolyte Says Wisconsinites Misunderstand New Capitol Rules

Last Friday, the day that new Department of Administration rules for use of the Capitol building and grounds were to be enforced, the DOA decided that Wisconsinites did not understand the new rules.

New DOA Communications Director Jocelyn Webster, who had recently discovered to be a Karl Rove political operative in the George Bush White House said, "There's a fundamental misunderstanding of this policy if there was a belief arrests were going to stem from this policy."

Former Karl Rove operative Jocelyn Webster.  photo - L. Wells
Just how did Wisconsinites come to this "mistaken" conclusion?  How did they misunderstand that they would be arrested for engaging in any form of speech in the public Capitol building?

Much of the confusion was created at the three DOA information sessions on the new rules that were led by DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr. Schoenherr refused to answer any questions that asked what the potential consequences would be for people who engaged in speech without a permit.

DOA Deputy Secretary Schoenherr, left, in tie.  photo-J. Pope
Schoenherr's stock answer to questions about potential arrests was:
  1. Get a permit.
  2. I can't answer hypotheticals.
  3. I'm not a lawyer - so I can't answer any legal questions.
Unfortunately, the taxpayer paid DOA lawyers who crafted the new rules were unable to make the one block walk to the Capitol building to answer citizen's questions.

However, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs did talk about the potential for arrests in the first info session on December 1, as captured by videographer ladyforward1.
Note: Wisconsin Eye, which is responsible for broadcasting such events, was not present for the first info session. 

"I don't think that decision needs to be to challenge us  (the Administration) on the 16th or the 19th,  whether or not we're gonna make an arrest. I told each and every one of you, you don't want it on your record. If it goes that route you don't want to be involved in that (having an arrest record).

Contrast Chief Tubbs' statement with the public relations spin from DOA spokesperson Webster.

"There's a fundamental misunderstanding of this policy if there was a belief arrests were going to stem from this policy." 

Perhaps Wisconsinites would have understood the policy if Webster had decided to explain it. Instead she spent most of the first session rolling her eyes and mocking the questions that citizens asked.

See my story on Webster's unprofessional behavior here. My previous article also discusses Ms. Webster's credibility issue due to her involvement in a major White House scandal in which she worked on partisan political issues on government time and the taxpayer's dime. Also see the article from PRWatch which describes her less than transparent work as a spokesperson for the Bush Department of Defense.

On Friday, the day the new rules were to be enforced for the first time, Ms. Webster said this about the potential for arrest of people engaged in political speech.

"It's kind of funny that anybody even thinks that they would be."


We understand that Karl Rove and his operatives have no use for free speech, but we take it pretty seriously here in Wisconsin. 

Watch the 300 serious people who came out to join the anti-Walker Solidarity Sing Along and embrace the Wisconsin Constitution on Friday.

Solidarity Sing Along December 16   - photo - J. Vittie

Ms. Webster, we know you're a long way from Washington D.C., so we'll give you some more evidence about how seriously we take our freedoms in the Badger state.

Watch this Wisconsin mom, an elected Dane County Supervisor, who was arrested when her two boys held a sign in OUR Capitol Rotunda in March.

Not only do we understand that the potential to be arrested for protecting our Constitutional liberties is not humorous - we also understand something else about your department, Scott Walker's DOA.

We cannot trust you. Your department told us the Capitol was open in early March when you had locked the doors and shut the people and its elected representatives out.

Rep. Fred Clark - D - conducts business for locked out citizens at Wisconsin Capitol

You defied a judge's order to open the doors, and lined the steps with deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, and DNR Wardens from around the state.

DOA version of an "Open" Wisconsin Capitol

You have arrested citizens for holding signs in the public Capitol Rotunda.

Another liberty bites the dust.

We understand that you have lived here for a month Ms. Webster.

We understand that you care nothing for our state, our institutions, or our Constitution.

We would also like you to understand that we will recall your boss. And when we do, you and all of his other out-of-state political operatives can scurry back to the dark corners of the political world from where you came.

Solidarity Sing Along will be in the Capitol Rotunda Monday, December 19 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walker's DOA Attempts to Sell the Constitution

DOA spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster said the (Capitol public use) rules are nothing new, and the "updated policy is meant to remove confusion and create consistency" for both law enforcement officers and the public.

The performances by the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s (DOA) Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr and Communications Director Jocelyn Webster, at the three information sessions held in the Capitol basement last week, on behalf of its new rules for public use of the Wisconsin Capitol, were mesmerizing.
Schoenherr - watched by 1st Amendment patriot Ben Maisel
 photo by Jenna Pope
Webster - photo by Lisa Wells
Ms. Webster’s performance in particular, (9:14-9:36 in the video) during the first public informationsession on Tuesday piqued the curiosity of a group of citizen reporters.
Where had Ms. Webster hid her many talents?  Rolling her eyes at Wisconsin citizens’ belief that they could ask a public servant questions, shaking her head in disgust at the public’s comments about their guaranteed rights of speech and assembly, and placing her hands on her hips in a manner that plainly stated, “just who the f# ©k do you Cheeseheads think you are?”
My associates yearned to know more about this unknown star in the Walker administration. And with the help of their research I share our findings about this apostle of Karl Rove, a young, but well-travelled political dynamo.

“A Turd Blossom Grows In Wisconsin”
turd blossom
--n. Texas, a wild flower that grows out of cow manure.
Karl "turd blossom" Rove
--n. One of G.W. Bush's nicknames for political operative, Karl Rove.

Is a 28 year-old political appointee important to a discussion of Scott Walker’s troubled tenure as Wisconsin governor? 
The same question might have been asked one year ago about Cynthia Archer, the former DOA Deputy Secretary and top aide to Milwaukee County Executive Walker.
Archer, who resigned her DOA position on August 19, had her Madison home raided and computers seized by the FBI in September. The federal search occurred amidst a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County which has focused on another aide to then Milwaukee County Executive Walker, in which the aide performed political functions on government time - and the taxpayer’s dime.

Archer and Webster, like all political appointees, offer their unique combination of experiences, accomplishments, and personal and professional connections, in order to secure taxpayer funded positions. To whom our elected officials bestow these positions can provide insight into the politician that offers them.
Perhaps in researching Ms. Webster’s resume, we will find particular talents and experiences that illuminate the governing values of the Walker administration.

From 7-Eleven to Madison
Ms. Webster, Deputy Secretary Schoenherr told the public at the Capitol rules information sessions, is a political appointee who joined the DOA about one month ago. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 

Prior to selling Wisconsinites on the new and improved Wisconsin Constitution, she sold Big Gulp’s and Slurpee’s for 7-Eleven as their Regional Manager for Government Affairs, a position which was preceded by campaign communications positions with New Jersey’s Chris Christie for Governor, and Rudy Giuliani for President.

On December 1, Webster moved into high gear in her new Wisconsin job with the DOA’s release of the “Wisconsin State Facilities Access Policy” which established rules for use of all State facilities, the most well-known of which is the State Capitol.
Unfortunately Webster's December 1 press release, in which the new rules were announced, did not include one important ingredient – the truth.

 "This is all existing policy," she said. "We're just putting it all in one place."
As a recent transplant to Wisconsin, Webster must not have known that Madison has one of the highest percentages of graduate and professional degrees of any city in the United States, and that its residents would actually read the DOA’s twenty-three page document that outlines numerous changes to public use of the State Capitol building.

A few of the new rules which caught the reading public’s attention:
  • Four or more people must apply for a permit – 72 hours in advance.
  • Political speech may be charged at $50 per hour - per officer - for police services.
  • Clean-up costs may be charged, with no set standards for billing.
  • Capitol users revoke their right to sue the state when injured or killed by state employees.
The communication surrounding the release of the new DOA rules begs the question: 
Did Webster become a lying political hack in her one month in Wisconsin - or is it a well-honed skill learned from a previous employer?

Washington D.C.
Six years before Ms. Webster found her way to Madison’s Beltline, she had to find her way around the infinitely more hostile Washington D.C. Beltway, a political war zone which Hunter S. Thompson described as having "human remains on the sidewalk," and that "the hallways in the White House basement (are). . . slick with human scum."

No better description than “human scum” could be given to the man who ran the White House Office of Political Affairs (OPA), the political brains behind George W. Bush, the turd blossom himself - Karl Rove.
The OPA had been taken to such amazingly new lows of political corruption under Rove’s leadership that John McCain promised to abolish the office if he was elected president.

It was in the OPA, at the foot of Karl Rove, the turd blossom himself, that Jocelyn Webster learned about the political value of truth, and where she honed her tradecraft as a political operative.

To fully describe Karl Rove’s nefarious dealings and mendacity would require an army of historians. An overview of his work with “W” will highlight the “turd” in turd blossom.
·      Rove sold the Texas Governor to the American voters as a “compassionate conservative” - promising that this particular Republican was somehow concerned about average Americans.   

·       Rove shaped the lie that Iraq was involved in the attacks of 9/11, possessed WMD’s, and that Iraqi oil reserves would pay for the American war in Iraq.

·       Rove outed undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame, because her husband Joe Wilson refused to support the White House story that Iraq had purchased yellowcake from Niger. 

·      Rove provided extensive White House access to uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was later convicted on conspiracy charges, and was at the center of White House corruption charges that led to convictions of several White House aides.

·       Rove initiated the unprecedented mid-term dismissals of US Attorneys for their perceived lack of political purity.
And then there was the issue that Walker watchers will recognize…

Rove’s Office of Political Affairs Broke Federal Laws
“The Bush White House, particularly before the 2006 midterm elections, routinely violated a federal law that prohibits use of federal tax dollars to pay for political activities by creating a “political boiler room” that coordinated Republican campaign activities nationwide.” – New York Times

 Rove’s OPA repeatedly and willfully violated the 1939 Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees or taxpayer dollars to be used for partisan political reasons, according to a 117 page report by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).
The investigation determined that the OPA “was essentially an extension of the RNC (Republican National Committee) in the White House” and that “the political activities of OPA employees were not incidental to their official functions, and thus U.S. Treasury funds were unlawfully used to finance efforts to pursue Republican victories at the polls.”    

The OSC report lists multiple illegal partisan activities coordinated by the OPA and Karl Rove:
·        Methodically coordinated administration support to aid the campaigns of Republican candidates.
·       Conducted political briefings at numerous agencies where PowerPoint presentations were displayed noting targeted candidates.
·        Tracked fundraisers by identifying the number of attendees and amount of money raised at events where high-level political appointees gave keynote addresses.
Rove’s illegal activities even used taxpayer dollars to target a Wisconsin Congressman in the 2006 mid-term elections. One Power Point presentation, shown to various federal agency political appointees, included the targeted Democrat Steve Kagen of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional district, whose district was among the list of seats that the GOP hoped to win. 
In light of the content of the PowerPoint slides and the testimony of many witnesses, these briefings created an environment aimed at assisting Republican candidates, constituting political activity within the meaning of the Hatch Act. - OSC report

Webster’s Partisan Email Investigated by Congress
A congressional committee, investigating impropriety by Rove’s deputy, and Webster’s boss, Scott Jennings, who gave a partisan Power Point presentation to political appointees at the General Services Administration (GSA), raised questions about OPA employees using RNC email accounts rather than their official White House email.

The use of RNC email accounts raised a concern to the investigators beyond public taxpayer expenditures on partisan politics. Because the RNC emails did not reside on government controlled servers they could be destroyed by negligence or malice. Their destruction would be illegal and would hamper an investigation into White House malfeasance.   

Jocelyn Webster Becomes a Star of the Investigation

Webster, listed as Scott Jennings’ “assistant” in an April 4, 2007 letter from investigating Committee Chairman, Congressman Harry Waxman, to the RNC Chairman, is personally implicated for her use of RNC email accounts.

In communicating with GSA about the presentation, Mr. Jennings and his assistant used “” e-mail accounts maintained by the RNC rather than their official White House e-mail accounts. In their e-mails, they described the presentation as a “close hold” and said that “we’re not supposed to be emailing it around.”

Two weeks later, Waxman again references Webster in a letter to the RNC Chair, demanding that the RNC comply with the Committee’s request for emails, and criticizes the RNC’s offer to limit the email search parameters. Waxman writes:

"(T)he search terms proposed by the RNC would not have located a January 19, 2007, e-mail from an official in Karl Rove's office to an official at the General Services Administration transmitting a copy of PowerPoint slides prepared by the White House that list the top 20 Democratic targets in 2008.”

The e-mail to which Congressman Waxman refers includes this message from Webster : "Please do not email this out or let people see it. It is a close hold and we're not supposed to be emailing it around."'

The footnote in the Waxman report: ' E-mail fromJocelyn Webster, Staff Assistant, Office of Political Affairs, White House, to Tessa Truesdell, Confidential Assistant to the Administrator, General Services Administration (Jan. 19,2007) (W-02-03 10).


Waxman’s committee issued an interim report in June 2007, titled “INVESTIGATION OF POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIALRECORDS ACT VIOLATIONS”
The Executive Summary:
·        The number of White House officials given RNC e-mail accounts is higher than previously disclosed. In March 2007, White House spokesperson Dana Perino said that only a “handful of officials” had RNC e-mail accounts. In fact, at least 88 White House officials had RNC e-mail accounts.

·        White House officials made extensive use of their RNC e-mail accounts. The RNC has preserved 140,216 e-mails sent or received by Karl Rove. Deputy Director of Political Affairs Scott Jennings (35,198 e-mails).

·        There has been extensive destruction of the e-mails of White House officials by the RNC. Of the 88 White House officials who received RNC e-mail accounts, the RNC has preserved no e-mails for 51 officials. (T)here are major gaps in the e-mail records of the 37 White House officials for whom the RNC did preserve e-mails. The RNC has preserved only 130 e-mails sent to Mr. Rove during President Bush’s first term and no e-mails sent by Mr. Rove prior to November 2003.  
The investigation found the following for Jocelyn Webster:
Emails found on the RNC servers from 6/14/2006 - 4/26/2007
Emails sent: 5,296

Emails received: 4,839

In just ten months Ms. Webster used her RNC email account ten-thousand times, or approximately 50 emails per day, not counting any emails destroyed by the RNC. This is not a one off situation or an incidental use of a partisan political resource - on taxpayer time.
Ms. Webster appears to have quickly learned the value of truth in the Rove White House.  

One might believe, with the long list of abuses uncovered by Congress, that Karl Rove and his employees in the OPA would already be indicted and serving time for their multiple violations of Federal Laws. Then again, Karl Rove, George Bush, and Dick Cheney have never been indicted for murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans, allies, and Iraqis in their illegal war in Iraq.

The standards of “human scum” Washington should not be the standards of a Wisconsin whose motto is Forward.
Scott Walker has repeatedly lied when telling us that out-of-state paid agitators are aligned against his administration.
Walker should turn his confused gaze from the Wisconsin citizens that support his recall, to the real out-of-state politicos who prop up his administration, including one of his most recent hires, Jocelyn Webster.
Apparently Republicans Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani felt that it was within their values systems to hire a White House employee who had used taxpayer funded government resources to conduct political operations for Karl Rove.

That does not mean that Wisconsin taxpayers should follow the lead of East Coast politicos and fund politically appointed positions in the Walker administration for federal lawbreakers.

But then again, Scott Walker has never been concerned about his own political operations being paid for by government dollars.

Jocelyn Webster. Meet Cindy Archer. You have a lot in common. Wisconsin citizens will reject your boss, and his politics of mendacity.
FBI raids home of former Walker aide Cindy Archer

Reporter questions DOA about Webster's background - photo Jenna Pope 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scott Walker ReBrands the Wisconsin State Capitol

Scott Walker’s most inspired idea in his first term as Wisconsin Governor was the issuance of new and improved State Capitol access rules, under the auspices of his Department of Administration (DOA), last Thursday.

These new rules will allow the pro-business Walker administration to enhance the state’s ability to use the capacious Wisconsin Capitol building, and its park-like grounds, in a multiple-use format, moving beyond its traditionally restrictive role as an office building for the state government.

This brilliant re-branding campaign for the Capitol property will only enhance the Governor’s already aggressive job creation policies, and show that “Wisconsin is Open for Business”.
Chief Tubbs sans DOA leash
DOA Deputy Secretary Schoenerr
On Tuesday morning, the DOA hosted the first public information session for the Capitol Rules for Access to the Public (CRAP), in the basement of the 1917 National Historic Landmark.

Leading the informative meeting was DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr, a former WE Energies executive, and Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs.
Seconding Deputy Secretary Schoenherr was DOA Communications Director Jocelyn "Frau Blucher" Webster, a former Public Realtions guru for 7-Eleven and the George Bush White House.

Webster insured that the Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Association reporters felt privileged to maintain their symbiotic relationship with the Walker administration by holding a special post-meeting press Q & A in the vending machine area.
The remaining attendees were a small horde of poorly dressed Madison union types, with the exception of Rep. Chris Taylor (D) of the 48th Assembly district, a liberal elitist lawyer, who I’m certain drives a Volvo, but at least knows how to shop for, and wear professional attire, albeit at the expense of the hard-working taxpayers of Wisconsin.

There was so much good information provided by Deputy Secretary Schoenherr and Chief Tubbs at the Tuesday meeting. And certainly, more would have been revealed, if the Madison thugs hadn’t continually interrupted the DOA Power Point presentation to ask their ill-mannered questions about the sanctity of the Wisconsin and US Constitutions.

It was as if these liberal moochers, all of whom probably contributed to the $7.5 million in damage to the Capitol back in February, actually cared about the rule of law.

After all, who cares more about the Constitution than Scott Walker and his DOA?  It was the DOA that conscientiously closed the Capitol to all Wisconsinites on February 27, in order to clean up the mess left from the antics of the thousands of agitators who camped like homeless people in our State House.

And now, Scott Walker and the DOA, with the support of the soon to be privatized Capitol Police, will transform the Capitol building into something bigger and better.
"State Patrol" Themed Capitol Private Security 

The Wisconsin Capitol and Grounds will cease to be a playground for Madison Marxists and violent out-of-state union thugs, and will no longer be a drain on the hard working taxpayers of Wisconsin. Instead, this well positioned property, centrally located in the state’s second largest metropolitan market, will be re-purposed into a revenue generating colossus.

DOA Power Point Presentation Highlights!

·         Historic and Politically themed Capitol Building and Grounds 
o   Williamsburg type interactive and interpretive re-enactments 
§  Legislators holding OpenMeetings©
§  Supreme Court Justices engaging in CivilDiscourse©
§  Governor listening to WISConstituents©  

·         Privately managed property 
o   High fee, long term property naming rights 
o   Outsourced Security 
o   Outsourced Facilities Maintenance – prison labor

·         Office/residential/retail mixed-use plan 
o   Wasted space in “empty” Rotunda converted to lake view condos
o   Rotunda “WMC branded” lobbyist themed restaurant              
o   Basement Wild Game restaurant managed by J. Kleefisch
o   Retail/office space on Capitol grounds to include:
§  Rodeo Drive-type aspirational retail experience 
§  High-end casual restaurants 
§  ActivisThug themed retail store 
·         Clothing, pins, posters 
·         Heart shaped balloons 
·         Demonstrator lessons
o   Human Mic
o   Sign making
o   Politician taunting
·         Themed political demonstrations to maintain historic nature of place
o   Demonstration User Fees to generate maximum revenue
§  Security surcharges
§  Clean up surcharges
§  Permit processing fees
o   DignifieDemonstrations™ to enhance retail/dining experience
§  72 hour Ticketron VIP Reservation system (Permitting Process)
§  Demonstrator dress code and behavior policy
§  Protest sign design/usage policy to coordinate with Common Area design theme
Corporate Enhanced "Protest" Signs 
§  Photography/videography provided by fee-based professionals
§  UsualSuspects annual membership program
o   Special Events – Gold level protest experience
§  Participants and spectators charged additional user/licensing fees
·         Afghanistan War Anniversary
·         NORML “4/20”Light Up” celebration
·         Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Anniversary
·         Pre-planned SpontaneousRalliEZ
§  Platinum Level Protest Experience – Premium licensing fees
·         Full Body Riot - FBR
·         Solidarity Sing Along
·         Themed “Law Enforcement Agencies”
o   Capitol Police, State Patrol, DNR
o   National Guard - Viet Nam protest re-enactment
·         Pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas
·         Restraining devices
·         Pain compliance
·         Verbal abuse law enforcement, GOP officials, and Tea Party lunatics
·         Citations
·         Jail time
·         Recorded interview with member of Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Association  reporter
·       Souvenir t-shirt, pin and limited edition Ian’s™ pizza box with original artwork by PizzaboxMike®

The DOA has scheduled two additional presentations to allow the public to see the conscientious job that they are doing to protect the sanctity of our State Capitol building and grounds. Please attend either, or both:
Thursday, December 8, 4-6 pm and Saturday, December 10, 9-11am - in the Capitol basement.  
Capitol Rules for Access to the Public (CRAP)