Monday, December 19, 2011

Walker's DOA Threatens Clampdown - Singers Sing and Hold Signs!

It is not news to the anti-Walker denizens of the Wisconsin Capitol that the Governor's Department of Administration was antagonistic to free speech advocates long before the December release of the new Capitol rules.

In March, after the Capitol occupation had ended, and the large rallies had ceased, a handful of free speech advocates challenged the Department of Administration's rules.

The photo below shows that Walker's DOA had not yet thought to use re-education camps to communicate their unique interpretation of the Constitution. 

No legal or creative talent in the DOA        photo - L. Wells

Jeremy Ryan decides to take on the DOA.
Jim sings and Segway Jeremy shows the world the DOA top dog's cell phone number         photo - L. Wells

Jeremy, Joseph, and Jayson (guess your name had to start with the letter "J") were each cited and arrested for their radical free speech activities. 
Joseph and Jason get dangerous with MASSIVE signs        photo - L. Wells

On Sunday, March 27, Dane County Supervisor Melissa Sargent was arrested when her sons held a sign in the Rotunda.

A call went out to have people flood the Rotunda during a Solidarity Sing Along  - in support of free speech rights. Special t-shirts were made.

The picture below shows the HUGE reponse to the concerns about the quelling of free speech.

Rise Up      photo - ?

Jason decided it was time to make some large banners.

The first thing I ever heard from Jason - "You want to help hold a banner?"      photo - L. Wells

Eight months later... Walker's desperation grows... and the determination of free speech patriots multiplies!

SING!         photo - L. Wells

SPEAK UP!     photo J. Vittie

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